Self Watering Bird Spike

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 Underwatering will dry and ruin your plants if they don't get the required amount of water regularly. Looking for a solution to this problem?

If yes, this Self Spike Planter Drip Watering Bird will prove handy. 

Simply install this spike in the pot and fill it with water. This spike provides water to the plant in your absence and keeps it green and fresh.

 Why choose our watering spikes?


 Moisturize plant roots

Made by premium terracotta with its porous clay to soak water or Nutrient solution automatically into the soil to moisten the plant root.



 Automatically drip slowly

Water is gradually released through Terracotta when the plant need water. Keep your plants from drying out,when you are on vacation or forget about watering.



 Easy to use

By observing the birds transparent body, you can see how much water left, convenient to measure watering time and prevent missed add water. 

Use and Tips:

Just insert into soil and fill with water (Once fill up can supply about 3-7 days);

Please test its watering time before leaving for vacation;

If the water seeps out too slowly, may the soil too compact, please till the soil.